My Search for a Syrup

I heard people with weight problems talk about this yacon syrup. Is this just pure hype and will be quickly forgotten once another “superfood” comes along, or is there something about yacon that really makes people go crazy over it?

I ate fresh yacon long time ago and I loved the taste. The flesh is white, crunchy, juicy, and looks like that of a turnip but when you sink your teeth into it, the taste is different.  The syrup however, tastes like molasses (or so I’ve heard) except that its sugar content is lower compared to those of other syrups.

Of course, you can buy it online or from suppliers near you. Although I love going inside a store to window-shop, comparing different brands and evaluating the best choices available in the market, buying online saves time and energy. I learned that it’s possible to compare quality and price effectively even online, meaning it’s possible to get the most value for my money.

Yacon syrup where to buy? One important consideration in buying is the nutrients that you get from a product, which can be checked by reading labels. When I was following a very strict diet in order to lose weight, I was advised to count every calorie I consume every day. It takes more than discipline to do this, as it’s necessary to have the passion to become fit and stay that way.

It is quite a challenge to live a healthy lifestyle in our culture but I need to make a stand to be fit physically, mentally, and emotionally.

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Fashion for Dogs

The best thing about having a pet is that you don’t have to buy them clothes. Yet I found great joy in buying clothes for my pets. After all, who cannot resist buying tiny clothes and dressing up your pet?

I dress up my pet in many ways such as using old handkerchiefs as bandanas, buying a differently designed collar, and buying clothes made for my dog. Since I own a dachshund, its unique body type can make buying clothes a little harder.

For now, the dachshund clothes that I have seen are sweaters or shirts just made a little longer than usual. It makes me sad that there’s little improvement in the kinds of clothes that my pet can wear. This is why I want to learn how to sew clothes properly for my dog.

dachshund clothes

I’ve created designs which are similar to dog fashion that I see. Even with their short legs, I still think that clothes that make the dog look like they’re standing is fit for my dachshund. Dresses would also look cute on them because their long and short haired bodies can make the end of the dress more prominent.

I think that dressing up my dog is one way of setting him apart from other dogs. While my dog will most likely have a physical look-a-like, its clothes add personality that will make it different from others.

Accessories are also part of clothing. I choose not to put any ear accessories or bling on my pet because for one, his ears aren’t made to stand out unlike other breeds, and second I might unintentionally hurt my dog.

I want to be one of those people that “match” with their dogs. Our fashion sense will be simple and casual, with one thing standing out to make us look different from others. For my dog, I will make sure that its collar will always stand out.


My name is Rod!

I’m an artist…

My main hobby is photography, but I have many other interests that will be a subject of this blog.

Health… I try to be healthy… I’m not a fundamentalist regarding having a healthy life-style, but I try not to commit many crazy stuff like drinking alcohol til I knock out… I used to smoke… but I don’t anymore… It was hard to let it go… but I did it!

Fitness and Running… At least once per week I do exercise. Or I go to the gym or run a few miles!

Cooking and food… I love cooking, but I love more eating… yes… that my biggest weakness.

Sports… baseball, basketball, football, soccer, tennis… it doesn’t matter as long as it is sports I like it!